All of my life I have loved great content. At first, this was in the form of books, plays and theatre. Later, this extended to my love of great brand communications. I believe that it is through this content that we are able to truly connect. To tell stories, get under the skin of what we do and why we do it and create links with audiences that are cemented in how they feel about your brand or business.

Some of the ways I help brands to do this include…

Content strategy

I have worked with global brands, startups and SMEs on developing content strategies that deliver meaningful messaging. I can assist with theme and vertical setting, editorial calendar management and the actual crafting of content or sourcing of writers to help you achieve your business goals. Whether that’s through a dynamic blog, Medium series, guestwriting, eBooks or whitepapers.

Copywriting for your website

Great copy on your website can make or break whether another business will want to work with you. Whether a consumer will shop there, or elsewhere. I offer copywriting for websites and can manage a full re-write of your web copy, defining tone of voice and brand along the way, or just help to refresh a page or two. All of the copy I write for online mediums is SEO optimised and created for maximum user interaction.

Copywriting for brochures and leaflets

Great copy is at the heart and soul of everything I do. Writing for business is something I love, whether that’s crafting the perfect print out, a whitepaper, fact sheet, eBook or guestpost. Coming up with creative copy which is succinct, yet memorable is a skill I have been honing for years. Please contact me for examples of where I’ve written.

Content seeding

In the current online climate, content should be 20% about the writing and 80% about the seeding. What do I mean by this? In a nutshell, you can write the best blogpost in the world but if you’re not sure where to distribute it, the piece will remain stale and unread. I’ll help you determine the channels, forums, verticals and tactics needed to help get content traction.

Guestwriting and online PR

Traditional PR no longer exists. Creating content and getting it into the right places does. A guestwriting and online PR strategy is a great way to gain reputable backlinks, brand awareness and site traffic.

Content + Context

Content isn’t much good to your business if it’s just sitting pretty on your blog. I have experience in SEO, marketing, conversion optimisation and product management. So I may just be ‘writing content’ for you, but you can rest assured I know the context it sits in too.

How I work

I create each client their own bespoke package that’s suited to their content or copywriting needs and the project process. Whether this is weekly blogwriting, a new content strategy or helping to produce content with the end aim of increasing awareness, sales or eBook downloads.

If you’re looking for a long-term content strategy, let’s make it trackable. This means setting KPIs and ensuring regular data interpretation to see what works, what doesn’t and what needs tweaking. Through this process, your content strategy is allowed to be agile and achieve real business results.

If you’d like to find out more please get in touch at