Some of the marketing services I offer include:

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is where it all starts. Perhaps you know where you’d like to be but aren’t quite there yet, or you need a complete 360 on strategy and insight. I am able to define, plan and action the steps needed to overhaul your marketing, improve it, track it and then get down to the actual deployment. Part of my unique offering is that I don’t only define a strategy, I’ll get in and help you deliver it too. I’ll find out who your customers are (and maybe even talk to them), create competitor audits, get under the skin of your industry and provide an integrated-approach that amalgmates everything from social media, through to content, SEO, PR and even guerilla.

Social media management and support

Somewhere between the hype and the reality is where you’ll find my social media management and support. I believe that social media can be an effective route to market, helping businesses to engage their audience, facilitate excellent customer service and truly great content – but only when used in the right way. I won’t execute a social media strategy unless we have defined metrics in place that go above and beyond the vanity of followers and likes. This means using sophisticated, engaging content that attracts customers, industry influencers and the people who should be talking about your brand. Then using this as the springboard from which to achieve goals such as downloads, web traffic, product purchases and heightened brand awareness.

Content, copy and blogwriting

Underpinning everything I do is a passion for content. I truly believe in the power of content to acquire customers, inform and engage and am well-versed in helping both B2B and B2C businesses to be heard. Whether this is through a company blog, a postcast or just a really great press release. Underpinning this is a strong knowledge of SEO, best web practice and even a little design and development – so you can be sure that the content I produce is ‘on trend’, on-brand and will still be relevant in months to come.

PR & influencer outreach

The rise of digital has made it easier than ever to connect with the sources that will champion your brand. I can work with you to get your name in the right places helping you to execute a PR and influencer outreach strategy that’s affordable and yet effective. I am also able to support CEO and Director-Level persona building, providing ghost-written posts, advising on personal social strategy and managing beautiful, well-executed content where required.


SEO underpins every area of marketing. From the sites you want to be featured on, through to content, blogwriting and web design. For this reason, I don’t trust any marketing specialist or even web developer, who doesn’t have at least a basic knowledge of SEO. I ensure that all copy produced is SEO friendly and Google-pleasing while remaining authentic and most-importantly, customer-centric. I can also work through a backlog to help improve your site ranking and identity technical areas where you may need a little extra support.

How I work

Whether you need help in just one area or full management of them all, it’s something we can work out. I can offer services by day rate and in workshop format but I prefer to work on a retainer basis at a minimum of three months. Great marketing will ensure that you leave your mark, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, I create each client their own bespoke package that’s suited to their needs, the time required and the budget available. Whether this is a few days for top line strategy, three months for a digital overhaul or never-ending marketing strategy and execution. 75% of my clients to date have worked with me for six months or more and I hope that this reflects that I am in it for the long-haul, in order to help you achieve long-term goals and real business results.

Every company I work with receives an end-of-month report to track metrics against key business aims. I’m not afraid to show you the numbers, answer questions or analyse results – without this, many social media and marketing strategies are left to run wild. Tracking measurement and data interpretation are my way of ensuring you know exactly where your money’s being spent, where the strategy’s working and where it needs a tweak.

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