September is for starting

Last week as I crunched my way through a huge pile of leaves while walking, I realised just how much I love Autumn.

I always thought I might be a summer girl. My obsession with tanning, holidays in destinations that started with the letter M (Magaluf, Malia, Marbella) throughout my early twenties all pointed that way. But now I’m beginning to think Autumn really is the season for me.

Enjoying the last summer evenings drinking outdoors with friends, beginning to dust off my cooking skills ready for breads and bakes and planning festive night outs. The tourists are heading home, Oxford Street is habitable again and there are incredible box sets like STRANGER THINGS to begin getting hooked on.

September fresh starts

And as the season changes I’ve been working on some big business changes myself. For 18 months (has it really been that long!) of being freelance I’ve been fantastically busy. But being overly busy is like rowing a ship without being able to direct it at the same time. You’re working hard, but without direction you could end up back where you started, going in the wrong direction or capsizing completely.

So August for me, has been a time to take a step back and actually check in and see where my head’s at. Asking questions like, are you enjoying this? Do you like the work you’re doing? Also, what do you want to do next?

I know that I want to stay self-employed. That I like the flexibility and how much motivation I get from working on multiple projects for multiple clients. I’ve built a lot of clarity around the type of work I want to do and the type of work I don’t (but would have taken on a year ago anyway). I’m saying no more and more and finding the confidence that everything won’t disappear if I do turn down a project that’s not a good fit (the biggest freelance fear I believe).

I’ve also realised that I can’t have another 18 months like the 18 months that have just passed. As much as it’s been a whirlwind, inspiring, fun and eye-opening it’s also been fucking hard work. I’m dangling dangerously close to burn out on a weekly basis and can’t remember what it feels like to sit and have a conversation with Jim while not secretly thinking about work, or an email I haven’t answered.

So for me, September is for starting.

For starting the journey of planning what I want my working week to look like, what I want my client base to look like and the route to working smarter not harder. Taking on an assistant, rebuilding my website and finally launching the packages that I’ve been daydreaming about offering clients for a long time.

Starting a new passion project that I’m really, really excited about, following through on some tough decisions I’ve made while being away about the type of people I do and don’t want to work for and then moving onward and upward with the next steps towards my ideal work and life style.

It’s incredibly exciting and I’m prepping myself for two hard months ahead, that will hopefully lead to two years (and the rest) of a job and career that I love waking up to.

So wish me luck and I hope that this time in a year I’ll have lots of new stories to tell and incredible clients to share them with.

Now all I need is a shiny new pencil case and I’m truly ready for my new September start.