Social media prospecting is an incredibly effective way of getting employees to use social media to connect with customers.

Yet only a handful of companies use it as a strategy.

Why? Because it’s difficult to make Directors or sales teams “get social media”. Perhaps they don’t have the right profiles. Or they aren’t confident on the latest best practices. Maybe they are using it, but have no idea if they’re being effective.

If this sounds familar, then Team Social may be for you.

What is Team Social?

Team Social is a two-hour training session with a pre-strategy phase to help your employees get excited about using social media. Many companies tell their employees “you should be on LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram” but it is far more effective when your employees actually want to be on there.

Team Social audits your current strategy, or develops a new one, for all aspects of social media prospecting. Helping employees feel confident and have a clear action plan for how to use channels such as LinkedIn to raise their profile, engagement and to connect with more leads.

The end result is a team able to use best practice social media to get more leads and connect with customers across the online landscape.

Who is Team Social for?

Team Social is for B2B brands and businesses who want to help employees use social media as part of the wider sales and marketing strategy.

I have run Team Social sessions for some of the UK’s leading agencies servicing industries such as exhibition design, web development and retail, as well as startups and SMEs in sectors such as technology, pharmaceuticals and advertising.

Team social session Harlow

Whether you want to focus on raising the profile of one or two directors, or you want to equip your entire sales team, Team Social will lead the way.

How does the session work?

There are two core stages of Team Social.

Stage 1: Pre-session strategy

– A two-hour meeting with the person championing the use of social media within your company. This is where we delve into what you want to achieve from social media, how you’re currently using it and your target audiences.

– A 10-minute one-to-one meeting or Skype call with each of the employees you want to get involved. This is their chance to air any questions, stumbling blocks and for us to delve into what profiles or tools they have and what they need.

– From these two sessions I will put together an employee engagement plan, ready to present to your team in the two-hour Team Social session. This will ensure that every area, from the channels discussed, to the methods presented, is tailored to your company.

Stage 2: Team Social session

– A two-hour team session on the best practice methods of using the channels that are going to have the biggest effect.

– Real examples and use cases, taken step-by-step to show your team where to start and how to use the channels.

– Cheat sheets to fit social media into just 10 or 30 minutes per day – to save your team time.

– A review of the company pages and individual profiles, to optimise all keywords and bios for maximum effect.

– A 30-day challenge to help employees get started

– Unlimited access to all slides and worksheets presented

Social media training session

What is the cost?

£1050 one-off investment.

Please note, this is for a session of 10-people or less. If you wish to hold a larger session this can be arranged but will run on a slightly different format, pending further discussion.

This is also on the basis of holding the sessions within your premises, in either London or Essex. Sessions outside of these locations or requiring venue hire can be arranged but will be subject to additional cost.

How can I book?

Email me today on